Post Two - What's Your Reason? A Blog Series.

Everyone has one. What’s yours?

I started using cannabis when I was a freshman in college. Growing up, there were plenty of friends that would smoke for the experience but I tended to shy away from it due to the negative stigma. Fast-forward to me being in my 30’s and it’s become a vital aspect for my daily life.

Cannabis for me is a mood enhancer and creative stimulant. As many people deal with the stressors of life that transform into anxiety and depression, cannabis for me personally has been a great way to curve those emotions.

With the plant still not being legalized on a federal level in America, there still remains many loopholes that could end tragically for U.S. citizens. I travel often internationally to document different experiences and even though it is not legal in many of those locations either, I somehow always find a way to find a local plug.

This is why the culture & lifestyle surrounding cannabis is so uniquely critical for each individual’s own needs. Either recreational or medicinal, the properties within the flower allow for the participants to have an experience that is unique to them. Cannabis has allowed me to interact with people from all walks of life. Each session is different and each strain has its own health benefits.

I normally wait until the weekend to wake and bake, but I do partake in a ritual blunt as soon as my workday concludes; the same way someone would have a beer or glass of wine after a long day. This has become a life changer for me and it helps me to stay focused, productive and creative.

My reason is because it allows me to connect with my inner self on a daily basis and envision the abundance that I want to enter into my life.

What’s yours?