Post One - What's Your Reason? A Blog Series.

Everyone has one. What’s yours? 

After being diagnosed with MS in 2017, I became a medical marijuana patient. Full disclosure I partake recreationally but was interested in finding out more about what it’s like as a patient and how it can help me cope with my disease.

After weeks of reading stories in support groups on Facebook and doing research on local dispensaries, I applied to become a medical patient and visited my first medical dispensary. Two years later and it’s one of the smartest decisions i’ve ever made.

A part of dealing with MS on a daily basis is dealing with symptoms and side effects. Some unseen and unknown and others that announce themselves clearly with a high level of pain and discomfort.

Having something that can ease my pain to help further my attempt at some type of normalcy with this disease was something really important to me. My symptoms and side effects instantly changed my lifestyle as soon as I got diagnosed. Medicinal marijuana has helped me with my muscle spasms, migraines, severe body pain and level of comfort. And that’s just the surface. Being able to regain some type of control over my body is something that has been given back to me and I will never take it for granted.

I champion marijuana because it is a plant and a natural healer. I cannot imagine how I would be able to cope with day-to-day gobbling a handful of pills.

My reason is to retake control of my life that MS took away from me and comfort my pain. What’s yours?